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Shop Our Range Of Bracelets

Shop Our Range Of Bracelets

Shop Our Range Of Bracelets

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50% aesthetics, 50% spirituality, 100% huda

Our brand is about taking the time to look inwards and self-improvement, but we don’t believe that has to mean not looking good as well. We create spiritual pieces of intentional jewellery using the finest semi-precious stones and beads, whilst maintaining a focus on current trends to ensure you have great looking jewellery that still carries meaning.

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Cleanse Your Mala

Ok, so we aren’t about the “woo woo” so much, but we do believe that a mala is a spiritual tool that provides strength in maintaining an intention. In order to maintain that power of intention, you should cleanse your mala from time to time. There is no set maintenance program for this, but more a feeling or intuition for the need to cleanse.

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HUDAWEAR is a collection of post-workout and yoga leisurewear that we have found useful in our own lives and practices. Finding the right fit, the right weight of the fabric and that softness of touch that makes you feel good on down days! Everybody wants that go-to sweatshirt or hoody and that favourite cap that makes a bad hair day just melt away. Huda has become some much more than a jewellery brand and our clients lead a lifestyle that makes them part of our tribe. Our range of sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, slouchies and t-shirts are all designed to fit in with the Huda lifestyle of comfort and mindfulness.

You've found your tribe

As huda malas has grown, we have seen distinct similarities in our clients, in as much that they all share interests in living a peaceful life, meditation, yoga and generally being decent humans. As such, huda malas has grown into a lifestyle brand rather than the jewellery brand that it started life as. Check out some of the exciting products that we now offer.